It is so frustrating when your garage door is malfunctioning. You go through the stages: You repeatedly press the garage door button, hoping it will open. Then you go inside and try the switch on the garage wall. Finally, you just start parking outside in the driveway. Why do we all do this when a call to Eagle Home Restorations easily solves the problem!

When you call us out, we get right to work assessing the malfunction. We can fix broken cables or transmitters, damaged doors, doors off the track or bent tracks, broken springs or missing rollers, weather seals, or we can simply replace the door or the entire system. Sometimes your car is stuck inside the garage and you have places to be, we understand! Give us a call and we’ll have someone out there pronto.

Maybe it is time to upgrade your garage door to a newer material or for a new look for your home. There are many excellent choices available at prices that may pleasantly surprise you. Eagle Home Restorations is glad to spend time with you to provide what you need done to make your home to your liking. Contact us today to set an appointment for your home!